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Welcome to Independent Theological Academy. Our school is centred on Christ- biblical doctrine. Jesus said go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.  And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues. Mk 16:15 & 17. Deliverance is part of the Ministry of Jesus Christ, you cannot separate deliverance from the Gospel neither can you separate Gospel from deliverance.  This is bible doctrine and we are here to help you in your journey to fulfil one of the greatest missions.

I have heard that people argue about deliverance and I do tell them that three things might have happened (a) It could be that they are ignorant,

(b) Captured by the forces of darkness or

(c) they are possessed.

As a minister or believer it is prudent to note that the function of the church goes beyond just being a place of worship. In actual fact, the church functions as a support mechanism for its congregation and the wider community. Today’s Pastors and believers have demystified the common view of the church as a place that is used once a week, on a Sunday to collect tithes and offering.


Ladies and Gentlemen: In actual fact, apart from the church being a place of worship, it is a training ground for other activities and one of the training is deliverance.   This will provide support for individuals and it bring a lot of other aspects which are of direct benefit to the community at large

You are called by God to serve Him and to build His church and should be trained and equipped with the very best tools possible to effectively accomplish the work of deliverance. Knowledge is powerful but ignorance is expensive!  Are you ready? God is ready and we are ready to help you to be all what Jesus wants you to be in the ministry. Paul said “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. (II Timothy 2:15).

About - ITA.

The purpose of the ITA is to train, equip and prepare members of the body of Christ (Christians) to excel and progress to becoming strong, dynamic and knowledgeable Christians that can help and contribute to their local churches and their environment. We do this first and foremost by teaching the principles for successful Christian living found in the bible. The whole essence of our school and what we believe is bible centred, therefore the Holy Bible is the foundation of all we do and teach in the ITA.

We particularly concentrate on leadership teaching, by endeavouring to produce strong men and women that are thoroughly versed in the teachings of the Holy Bible and its principles and how to use these teachings and principles to instruct, correct, build up and edify the body of Christ. We endeavour to prepare members of the body of Christ so that they can come to the full knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and become able and mature Christians.


  • To Pastor:

    Reduces the pastor’s workload, promotes good health and prolongs life. (Exo.18)

    Saves pastor time, study and ministry of the word.  (Acts. 6v4)

    Replicates pastor’s ministry.  (2Tim.2v2)

  • To the Church Worker

    Improves the worker’s self esteem, promotes a feeling of importance and kindles the joy of fulfilment sense of sanctified satisfaction.

    The worker discovers, develops and knows how to use his gifts to build up the church.

    The worker understands what the ministry is all about.  Also God’s plan for local church leadership, ministry, mission and the respective office within the body.

  • To the congregation

    Increases the number of trained and dedicated church workers (Matt. 9:37-38), this prepares the leaders of tomorrow.  (2Tim.2:2)

    Increases church membership, income as well as impact on the community.  (Acts.2:4-5)

    Builds faith, trust, unity, advances team spirit, co-operation and provokes one another to love and holiness.

    Improves pastor-people and people-pastor relationship.


I.T.A & Tutors

Independent Theological Academy has dedicated and committed tutors who are available to take you deeper during tutorial sessions.  These are men and women of integrity and vision.  Students find I.T.A. to be a place of love, acceptance and leadership as well as a place where the learning process is enhanced.  The tutors also assign homework to all students.  I.T.A. is designed for committed leaders to deepen their understanding of the power of God and activities of darkness and also to those who want to grow personally in their walk with the Lord.  If you feel that God called you to the ministry of deliverance and prayer, Independent Theological Academy is the right place for you.

What is Deliverance?
Deliverance is an attempt to purify the oppressed from demonic attacks or Satanic influence.  According to 11 Cor 7;1 And this involves the process of diagnosing the case, knowing the power or spirit behind it and ministering deliverance

Who needs deliverance and what is the purpose?


The need for deliverance is to break the yoke, ungodly soul ties, and deliverance from the curse of ancestral spirit nightmares and demonic covenants. (I will take them one after the orders)

  • Yoke

    Yoke is a load heavier than your shoulders that the enemy places on you, and this is a demonic act and it must be confronted with spiritual power. (anointing breaks the yoke ‘she-me’)

  • Ungodly Soul ties.

    What are ungodly soul ties/ a soul tie is a strong spiritual tie between two or more people who are in close association. It takes two to make a pair and once a pair has been made, it takes more than ordinary prayer to break the union because the spirits are involved in it.These are strong spiritual ties created by the devil so as to steal, kill and destroy.

  • Ancestral Spirit; what is ancestral spirit?

    The ancestral spirit is the spirit who claims to be spirit of dead members of a family. They can appear or be seen in dreams as one’s late father, mother, friends or relations. Deut 18:10-11
  • Night mares;

    what are nightmares? Night mares are eating in dream, making love in dream, running, fighting, in fact 65 to 70% of problems people are facing happen in the night because it is the night that controls the day.

  • Covenant.

    A covenant is a legally binding agreement between two or more people together with conditions attached to it but if the condition is breached punishment follows. So, all covenants are legal.

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About Us

Jesus Cares Crusaders’ Ministries International is a unique church and our vision is to make a positive impact upon the people of God.  J.C.C.M.I. is a multi-cultural friendly church where the word of God is preached with uncompromising fervour.
Vision: To preach about Christ and the power of His resurrection, to deliver those that are oppressed and possessed. Lk 4: 18.