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Prayer is the most essential tool in a Christian's life and ministry, it is the heartbeat of God. life and ministry will be at stand still without prayer. Prayer incubates miracles.

This book Prayer the Masterkey will help you to know.... The danger in living a prayerless life, how to win the battles of life through prayer and how it is lost through prayerlessness. The activities of the demonic kingdom and how to overcome them through prayer. How to decode your coded dreams. How to rebuild your prayer altar.



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Spiritual warfare is a fact of life. As everyone born into this world automatically becomes part of this great conflict, the question is, how does one fight and win? his question assumes a greater significance as the number of prisoners of this inescapable war continues to increase.

However, for those who are willing to do away with ignorance and are ready to fight for their destiny, this book provides all the answers.


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About  Us

 Jesus Cares Crusaders’ Ministries International is a unique church and our vision is to make a positive impact upon the people of God.  J.C.C.M.I. is a multi-cultural friendly church where the word of God is preached with uncompromising fervour.
Vision: To preach about Christ and the power of His resurrection, to deliver those that are oppressed and possessed. Lk 4: 18.